Basic Bubble Bath Recipe

Basic Bubble Bath Recipe

The great thing about making your own personal care products is you know exactly what’s gone into them – no long list of weird-sounding chemicals!

Also, you know they are cruelty-free and can work out cheaper than buying store-bought products.

Use only 100% pure soap flakes.

Almond Oil–2 cups
Distilled Water–2 cups
Soap Flakes (or grated soap)–1 cup
Witch Hazel–2 Tbsp

Boil the spring water and melt the soap in it.

In another container, mix the witch hazel and almond oil together and shake well. (If possible, do this in a blender.) Then slowly add the soap mixture to the witch hazel and oil blend and again, shake or blend

These amounts will make a large quantity of basic bubble bath mixture to which you can add the essential oils of your choice as and when required.

For every two tablespoons of base bubble bath, use 15 drops of essential
oil and mix well. Use one to two teaspoons of the final product in each bath.

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